Environmental Study

o4uchile signs an agreement with the company Holisteck, specialized in environmental analysis and management with more than 20 years of experience.

Holisteck is a Chilean engineering, technology and environmental management company that has developed more than 350 projects in its 21 years of experience working one by one with its more than 120 clients in Chile, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia and El Salvador.

The reliability and comprehensive support that this company provides to its clients are based on the specialization of its team of professionals and its select group of external advisors. To the above, there are representations of prominent developers of environmental equipment and technologies from the US, Italy, Japan and Spain.

Thus, at the beginning of October, Holisteck and o4uchile formalized a collaboration agreement to work together and make available to both parties all the knowledge of the national electricity market regarding their requirements and needs; and all the know-how of research, analysis and environmental management.

Without a doubt, this agreement will bring benefits by opening up new possibilities for development, technologies and management.