Green Hydrogen

o4uResearch in the field of Green Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, the fuel with the highest energy density per unit mass and with potential for application in all sectors that require energy, like electricity.

Hydrogen is versatile, clean and an energy carrier in various productive sectors, which can be used as a fuel to produce energy, in transport or as a raw material in industry.

Due to the abundant solar and water resources Chile has available, hydrogen can be produced through renewable sources or conventional fuels with CO2 abatement, with the advantage that it produces zero emissions at the point of use and, in addition, can be stored and transported safely, to finally be burned or transformed into electricity in a fuel cell2.

Therefore, Chile, a potential large producer of renewable energies at competitive prices, has a unique opportunity to produce renewable or green hydrogen and develop multiple applications based on this element.

This demand is projected to increase to 200 thousand tons per year, due to its use in transportation forecast for 2030 and that the main consumers will be Japan, China and South Korea.
It is expected that if fossil fuels were replaced with hydrogen, their production would have to be from NCRE, otherwise, CO2 emissions from H2 production would increase significantly